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Printed Feather Flags

Spike Base for Feather Flag

Spike base SB001 
(supplied as standard)
5kg Base for Feather Flag

FB001-Flat Base 5kg
Cross Base for Feather Flag

Cross base- CW001
Water Bottle for Crossbase

Cross base -CW002
(supplied with crossbases)
Car Base for Feather Flag

Car base CB001
Water Bottle for Crossbase

Water Base WB001

5kg Base for Feather Flag

MA001-Marquee Attachment
Water Bottle for Crossbase

Water Bottle ​​  
(supplied with crossbases)
Water Bottle for Crossbase

Concrete Base CC001

FFB-25 2.5m Feather Flag Set £69/ £129
FFB-35 3.5m Feather Flag Set £89 /£149
FFB-45 4.5m Feather Flag Set £119/£169
Dye sublimated print
Prices include : Flag, Pole set, Spike Base,
Hardwearing Canvas bag.
Artwork layout
Single and Double Sided Options

MA001 -Marquee Attachment add £23.50
FB001-Flat base 5kg- add £20
CW001-Cross base + water bottle-add £16.50

CW002-Cross base + water bottle-add £16.50
CB001-Car base - add £14

WB001 - Water base 12kg - add £18
CC001Concrete Base add £40


Printed Feather Flag Prices

Single Sided/ Double Sided
FFB-35 Specification
FFB-25 Specification
FFB-45 Specification

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